We all have heard the saying “Medical knowledge has reached its limit. Treatments beyond this point are only for sustaining”. For example, cirrhosis is not curable, so waiting for a donor for a transplant is the only option. With diabetes, the facts actually point to the controlled manipulation of blood sugar to stay at a normal level. The incurable SLE (Poom Puang’s disease) causes the body to deteriorate. There are so many untreatable illnesses due to the lack of knowledge of its root causes.

Much research on human stem cells have been carried out in the most recent decade, of which results have been translated to actual treatments for tens of thousands of people. According to the “cells-repair-cells” theory, stem cells work to initiate repairs for the impared or weakened cells, replacing the target cells in order to resume normal functionability. A qualified capability to suppress inflammations and create a metabolic balance is the important part of treating SLE and other allergy ailments.


Although stem cell treatments are only an alternative, hopes are growing for many who had long given up hope. Stem cells have so far shown might by curing numerous diseases. It could be said that we offer our patients a light at the end of the tunnel so they can obtain the purest and most capable stem cells possible. The best way to collect the least contaminated stem cells from the environments is to gather them right at birth from the respective person whose stem cells will be used.

Learning all these extraordinary things about stem cells, FUTURE Stem Cell wishes to give back to society with our teams of dedicated experts who are working to develop stem cells for all around treatments. From extractions to screening, cultivation, research and implants, our research and development department will expand treatments while lowering costs. We also have our Bangkok Stem Cell Foundation standing by to make our capabilities widely known, for everyone to access and ultilize their own stem cells for future treatment needs.

FUTURE Stem Cell is devoted to services that focus on the benefits of the clients as our priority. We are dedicated to closely looking after stem cells by our expert staff, using the best technology available. This is to show that our job is worthy of your confidence as our special VIPs.

– Indeed, we are the leader in stem cell storage and implantation for you, our most important people.



Stem cells are like the “original cells” which are the origins of all cells in the human body. Found within our bodies, they are immensely valuable. Their duties are to repair damaged or deteriorated cells and tissues caused by injuries. This process is called “cells repair cells”. As a person ages, the body manufatures less of the needed stem cells causing ailments from the physical deterioration. Mordern medicine has started to turn to cell therapy to replace the depleted cells with stem cells. The treatments help delay decaying, rehabilitate the declining organs as well as prolong youthfullness.

Stem cells are different from other ordinary cells in 3 ways:

1. No explicit function

2. Continuous ability to multiply

3. Ability to morph into other cells in the body


Blood from umbilical cord, Bone marrow Umbilical cord tissue, Fat tissue
Becoming red blood cells, white blood cells,and platelets only Becoming various cells such as cartilage cells, liver cells, pancreatic cells and nerve cells, etc.
Blood disease group Body degeneration
GROUP OF DISEASES (There are more than 100,000 medical research publications in the past 10 years with susceptibiity to treat various diseases)
Leukemia/ Lymphoma/ Anemia/ Severe Thalassemia Body metabolism deficiency Diabetes/ Joint degeneration/ Cirrhosis/ Cerebral Palsy/ Ischemic Heart Disease-IHD/ Stroke/ SLE/ Muscular dystrophy Parkinson’s disease/ GVHD/ Rheumatoid/ Psoriasis/ Autistic Age related Macular Degeneration-AMD/ Rejuvenation Therapy



The main purpose of hemoglobin stem cell isolation, HSCs from placenta is to extract stem cells that we could safely use and with the best success. This process must:

  • Be free from other unnecessary subtances
  • Be able to get rid of red blood cells in order to reduce the risk of complications when used in the future.

FUTURE Stem Cell, thus, selected the best technology in the world, namely AXP AutoXpress Platform, which has been certified by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), USA (for both cGMP-current good manufacturing practice and cGTP-current good tissue practice).

Automated, functionally closed, sterile system for volume reduction of blood components Consistency assurance for safety and preventive measure against germ contamination and intrusive allen substances from the manual process
Consistenly provides high recoveries of stem-cell rich MNCs from cord blood Ability to isolate stem cells at 98.7% which is 20% more than other automatic extracting machines (Sepax® and Hespan®) giving accurate and high extractions every time, differing from the manual systems
Quick and accurate data tracking with XpressTRAK ® sofware. Accurate measuring of various values in every process in order to prevent human error. Electronic data storage and quality control results in perfect and accurate records every time.



  • Incredible vigor and infinite self-diving, maintaining unchanged genetic characteristics
  • Transform into various cell types with anti-oxidant specification all of which are susceptible in treating and delaying the deterioration of bodily function
  • Secretion of Cytokine and other Growth Factors, giving reason to incorporate them into current medical procedures for lessening inflammation in patient.
  • No medical report evidently indicates complications during treatment and no report on recurrence of tumors after implantation
  • There is an Antigen that causes a reaction for immune system to produce antibodies, thus providing great chances for use in other family members

FUTURE Stem Cell offers a deposit service for this type of stem cell from 2 sources: the placenta tissue and fat tissue


Scientists have discovered that the placenta tissue contains a large amount of mesenchyme (MCSs) with best quality because cells are young and still pure. They can self-multiply very quickly and can be used for effective repairs and treatments.


For those who missed the opportunity to save MCSs at a birth , do not worry or give up hope for cures because MCSs can also be collected from your own Adipose Tissue by way of:

  1. Liposuction:

A tube shape instrument is inserted under the skin to suck out excess fat from different areas of the body such as the abdomen, hip, buttock and thigh. The prrocedure can reduce fat deposits at specific locations and simultaneously collect stem cells from fatty tissues.

  1. Cesarean birth delivery

For mothers who opt to go with Cesarean surgery during birth, surgoens will collect some fat from the abdominal cavity during the delivery procedure, which is an uncomplicated procedure, and completely non-infectious.



Developed into epithelial cells, which account for 60% of specialized cell types in the body.

  • Responsible for forming the inner surface of the body (intestinal mucosa, esophagus, lungs,), and covering the outside of the body (skin).
  • Including intravascular, gastrointestinal and empty spaces.
  • EpSC is also present in the bulge of the hair follicles.
  • EpSC will differentiate into: skin cells, corneal cells, hepatocytes, insulin secretory cells, secretory cells, inner ear cells.

Based on current clinical studies, EpSC offers potential therapeutic potential for:

  • Soft tissue repair / wounds: burns accompanied by tissue damage, surface ulcers in diabetes mellitus
  • Reproductive surface visceral: liver, pancreas, stomach-adipose
  • Ophthalmology: replacement of the cornea, dysplasia without stable epithelium
  • Blood clotting

Source:, keyword “epithelial stem cell”

Why should we store stem cord membranes, next to umbilical cord blood stem cells?

  • Stem cell membrane stem cells play a supporting role, increasing the success rate of the stem cell transplant.
  • Membranes of the umbilical cord have the characteristic of regulating immunity. Consequently, the compatibility between donor and recipient can not high level requirements. It extends the usability of the child and other family members.
  • Compared with stem cells derived from bone marrow, fatty tissue, nascent umbilical cord stem cells, higher fertility.
  • Patients who use cord blood stem cell therapy have a lesser risk of graft-versus-host disease.
  • Storage of all three types of stem cells HSC, MSC, EpSC means to bring to our baby and loved ones, the opportunity to treat in the future with today’s medical challenges such as stroke, cerebral infarction, Alzheimer’s, spinal cord injury …
  • In addition, these three types of cells are not interchangeable.




Specimen from placenta and fat tissues are collected right after the birth and stored in a set under contamination-free processing by doctors and storage crew consisting of FSCB registered nurses. The specimen is then immediately transported to the laboratory.


After the screening tests and recording of the patients’ profiles, the tissue samples are quality tested for readiness before going through mesenchyme isolation. Every step of the process is handled under the expert supervision of highly trained professionals in a contamination-free environment such as the “clean room laboratory class 100”.


With the exclusive technology right registered only to FSCB, we are able to cultivate the number of stem cells to meet your desired volume within 4 weeks.

Chromosomal Analysis

Once the cultivation process is complete, FSCB will move onto the Chromosomal Analysis testing phase to verify identity and readiness on the genetic level, which will constitute essential standards of safety for future usage of the stem cells.


We certify the volume and quality of the stem cells with photo-certificates, which are basically personal data that specifies quantity, type and liveliness value, all of which are indicators of stem cell growth capabilities. The data is analyzed data is important information concerning the quality of the stem cells before future application.



With the highest number of stem cell experts in Thailand, we stand ready to work 24 hours around the clock to achieve the best quality stem cells. We oversee our work under close supervision of a Ph.D. level expert.

Our global standard laboratory, Clean Room Class 10, has been certified of international standards from The National Environmental Balancing Bureau (NEBB), USA. It is the largest of its kind in Southeast Asia.

  • The clean room class 100 has a particle control standard of 0.5 microns with no more than 100 particles per 1 square foot.
  • Pressure, humidity and temperature in the laboratory is properly controlled.
  • Operation under stipulations from Foundation of the Accreditation of Cellular Therapy Regulation, American Association of Blood Banks and current Good Manufacturing Practice (cGMP).



The ultimate international standard for cryogenic-storage, namely high capacity/high efficiency liquid nitrogen vapor storage freezer: the liquid nitrogen vapor system helps prevent the spread of germs during the freezing process.

  • HSC is kept in a special type of bag purposely designed for stem cell freezing
  • MSC is kept in cryovial which is special vial pertinent with the medical standards

Stem cells are slowly frozen with controlled descending of the temperature from 40 C until it reaches -1960 C.

Only FSCB has:

  • A nitrogen level check system 24 hours a day with instant notification capability through mobile phones if any abnormality occurs.
  • A 3,000 liter tank of reserve liquid nitrogen, good for 90 days, standing by in case of emergency.
  • The tank that has been approved and certified with world standards MDD 92/42/EEC, the Medical Device Directive for the EU and USA.

A US certified strong room safeguarding stem cells that can withstand fire for 8 hours and is built-in designed with the building construction.

  • Enclosing wall panels/ceilings/floor, all 30 centimeter thick concrete. The vault door is made of 30 centimeter thick metal.
  • Its combination lock mechanism is the same as that of banks; only authorized personnel are allowed access. Thorough contingency

There are security measures in every room in the building to protect all of the equipment. Alarms have been installed to activate if an emergency arises. An on-site diesel generator stands by to sustain and facilitate a power failure situation.



ISO 9001 : 2015 (TUV Rheinland ; GERMANY)

To reflect our capabilities of management and operations perfectly.


To accommodate members of international associations for their use of stem cells for treatments.


To accommodate members of international associations for their use of stem cells for treatments.


The standard for stem cell depositing / centrifuging in a hygienic laboratory / preservation freezing.


The standard for stem cell depositing / centrifuging in a hygienic laboratory / preservation freezing.



Umbilical cord program*

Hemoglobin stem cell collection (HSC)


Placenta program

Mesenchyme stem cell collection (MSC)


Fat tissue program

Mesenchyme stem cell collection (MSC)

Life time depository service 30 years quality warranty stem cell Money back guarantee at 10 times the fee paid *Budget for treatment by implantation via bone marrow 2,000,000 baht.

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