FSCB supports customers with comprehensive insurance packages when customers store at Future Stem Cell Storage Bank FSCB



03 outstanding benefits of insurance and benefits for your child

1 Ensure the cell life and get money back immediately after 20 years of storage
2 If your child needs a transplant but the stem cell is not enough, we will contact the network banks to look for donors and provide it for free.
3 Ensure a sincere friendship like relatives by support of treatment costs when your child has stem cell transplantation.
The total costs of insurance are 3 million baht


As a part of customers’ stem cell storage agreement with FSCB, customers will receive a 2-year StemCellCare insurance policy under the policyholder’s insurance policy.

lưu trữ tế bào gốc tại FSCBStemCellCare®, sponsored by Chubb insurance company, Cryoviva Singapore, is designed to be a one-off benefit for families if their child is required to use stored blood stem cells (HSCs), to treat diseases.
Benefits of one-time payment insurance are S$136,000*

Enhance insurance for StemCellCare!

Do you need more insurance? You can also increase your insurance with an additional amount of S$136,000. Contact Chubb Customer Service to learn more!

Common Questions

1. How to know more detail about insurance for 2 years?

A full policy document, including schedule, will be sent to your mailing address for your reference.

2. Can we get treatment in the US?

Yes, this policy provides a gross benefit, based on valid requirements. You can use the one-off payment to treat wherever you want.

3. Who can use insurance for treatment?

Your child can use stored cells and benefit from the policy.

4. What is the claim process?

All complaints are reviewed by the Independent Medical Expert Council (IPME). IPME will ensure that all complaints are assessed independently and fairly by a person with knowledge about stem cell therapies..

5. What are covered diseases?

According to the list of insured diseases, there are 78 different diseases such as leukemia, sickle cell disease, etc. Updated every year to ensure that your insurance is current with the advancement of new medical treatment techniques.
Please contact Chubb for updates on the list of diseases covered by this policy.

6. How to know if treatment is covered under policy?

Treatment is covered when it meets the following: The patient is diagnosed with any of these 78 specified diseases; and the use of umbilical cord is considered an appropriate method for diseases evaluated by IPME.

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